The Inquisitor's Jeremiad

2 September 1982
California, United States
Interests: (88)
ad&d, backyard bbq, baseball, beef, blues, books, calvin&hobbes, chess, chinese chess, classical music, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science, computer games, computers, cooking, cow tipping (in india), dune, eating, education, ender's game, european chess, fishing, fixing, frank herbert, friends, games, george r.r. martin, go, good conversation, harry potter, having fun, helping people, hip hop, hk kungfu/action flicks, hugging, jazz, jokes, knowledge, kung fu, kungfu, laughing, learning, listening, living life, martial arts, movies, music, neurobiology, neurology, neuroscience, new experiences, orson scott card, penguin throwing, philosophy (my major), physics, pool/billiards, psychology, r&b, rap, raymond e. feist, reading, risk, rock&roll, sabermetrics, science, seeing, singing, skiing, sleeping, statistics, steak, stealing from kleptomaniacs, swimming, teaching, technology, the 49ers, the a's, traveling, tweaking, underwater basket weaving, watching, watching tv, webcomics, wei chi, wisdom, working with kids, writing, wushu
I currently work for a rather large and well-known consulting firm. I am a graduate of UCLA (Philosophy & Cognitive Science), born and raised in Fremont (the San Francisco Bay Area). I have been involved in the martial arts for nearly my entire life. I enjoy singing, and people tell me I'm pretty good - but if you ask me, there are a lot of people out there who can sing ten times better than I can. I love reading (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & various Non-fiction). I'm into baseball statistics (aka "sabermetrics"). I love my true friends (but you'll never hear me tell them that). I love my family (again, you'll never hear me say it). I'm a huge Oakland A's fan. I'm a big nerd. And I like it that way.